Coaching enables people to ‘cope with life's challenges, achieve their goals, improve performance and have a better quality of life’ (Whitmore, 2002). Coaching is becoming hugely successful in the field of mental health, to the extent that it has helped turn people’s lives around.

Coaching involves a professional relationship between the Coach (me) and Coachee (you). Sessions are usually fortnightly for approximately 1 hour. I help you to push past what is holding you back. Coaching is a journey that helps take you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Sessions can be held via Zoom/Skype/Teams, telephone or online via email or web-chat.  

Who I Help and What I Do

I specialise in mental well-being Coaching for survivors of trauma and abuse who are ready to go on a holistic journey of personal development with Coaching. I help people take their difficult past and turn it into one of their strengths and drivers going forward.

Some of the areas I help clients with are: 

- Anxiety or fears

- Changing a habit, belief or behaviour

- Confidence

- Negative thoughts

- Resilience 

- Stress

My personal development coaching sessions are unique for every client and are tailored around your needs and desires. I use my skills and experience from psychology and coaching to help you achieve what you came here for.

Beliefs, thoughts and feelings are not hard-wired, they can be changed. We work together to help you overcome what is holding you back.